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    Alicia Smith (Counseling Intern)

    If you are feeling suffocated under the pressure and weight of anxiety, depression, and stress, I want to assist you in regaining an interest in life and the fullness therein. I help women who long to feel complete and fulfilled and who seek to better understand the meaning of self as they deal with past issues that limit their ability to do so.  My goal is to assist you in overcoming issues of trauma that may have left you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, unfulfilled and incomplete. My hope is to provide a pathway to healing  and to a more full and complete life.

    My approach is direct and relatable. As there is no singular or individual method to success in therapy, we will address the issues together as a team with a united front prepared to succeed. To address trauma related issues, I use CBT, Mindfulness, and Client -Centered Therapy.

    i believe the most beautiful pictures are created from broken pieces.