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    Employee Assistance Program

    Offer your employees a confidential health benefit that can lead to a healthier sense of well being and improved workplace productivity.

    Individual and Group Licensure Supervision

    Licensure supervision is an important and necessary step in becoming a clinically competent counselor. It is an essential step in your journey to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor and is also required by the state of Tennessee. Together we will navigate the licensure process and help you unlock your potential as you become the best counselor you can be.

    Peer Consultation for Professional Counselors

    Many clinicians in private practice find themselves feeling isolated and practice in a bubble where clinical decisions are made with very little professional support. Some even find they miss the support gained from licensure supervision and wish to find a professional group they feel comfortable talking with about business and client related issues. Practicing in isolation is a common pitfall and can cause ethical dilemmas if one is questioned about standards of care. Our peer group consultation provides networking opportunities and the benefit of community feedback to help become more effective practitioners and skillful entrepreneurs.